The world trusts cans,
and so can you


Canned food is not necessarily for adventurers, sailors and survival shelters. It is about keeping your precious product safe and intact in a high quality easily transported container. It is about retaining all its nutrients without preservatives, for special occasions or for your daily meal. Even gourmet food, where every ingredient and flavor matters, is canned.

Chef in a can
Can I do it?

Tennis balls, underwear, tobacco, coffee... hundreds of products are canned. Even mountain air! A can is elegant, strong and enduring, probably the best way to pack, keep, strike a difference.

Don’t forget you can… can any kind of food: fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products, beverages, fish, soups and snacks.

Big or small, greek market oriented or exporting, your company will find a friendly partner with us. Together, we will work out the best solution for your product -affordable, high quality, smart. You may rest assured that your customers will appreciate the three important qualities of your packaging: strength, finesse, endurance.

You can do it
Art on a can

By full service, in National Can, we mean every stage in the packaging process: consultation on the feasibility of design, manufacturing the selected types, printing with colour stability and precision. Our focus is perfecting can and meeting timelines, so your focus can be on what you do best: your product!

50 years of excellence

When it comes to cans, National Can reigns supreme. For 50 years now, we are committed in manufacturing tin packaging to best suit our clients’ requirements and design.

We have been continuously reforming and improving first class techniques and sophisticated equipment, in order to forge a modern approach to the craft of packaging.